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Jah, Andy in Lyrical war?

Jah, Andy in Lyrical war?

Video clips circulating on social media suggest that a lyrical war may be brewing between Andy Muridzo and Jah Prayzah.

The clips, of two songs which are yet to be released from both artists, seem to have lyrics directed to each other following Andy Muridzo’s ugly ouster from the Jah Prayzah led Millitary Touch Movement (MTM).

However both artists have denied that the clips are directed at each other.
The MTM is a record label which was formed by Jah Prayzah in February 2017 and meant to push local artists’ music and videos to international platforms like MTV.

On a clip circulating on social media Andy Muridzo, interviewed by Sam Dondo, samples a song from the Munondo album which will be released on May 4 2018, which seems to be describing his disgruntlement during the time he was under MTM.

“Sei kundigadza pachoto kunge sadza, hee kundimedza, wazondinyararidza, kuyedza kundimedza kukuda ndayiyedza,” he sings.

Speaking to H-Metro Andy Muridzo denies the song is directed to Jah.

“It is not directed to Jah, it is just a song about Sam and I telling haters to take a chill pill,” he said.

Andy Muridzo left the record label saying that Jah was being given first preference over any other artist in the label and also that the same way Jah was being marketed should be the same way every other artist in the label should be marketed.

Some artists signed in MTM are Tahle Wedzinza, Nutty O and EX Q.

Following Andy Muridzo’s clip, Jah and Killer T posted a video on social media which has also gone viral which sounds like a response to the Andy Muridzo and Sam Dondo clip.

In the clip both Jah and Killer T sing the lyrics which seem to suggest what Jah Prayzah would offer as an explanation to why he had signed Andy in MTM.

“Ndakanga ndati huyai vana vekumusha kwangu, ndakanga ndati huyai mese tiwirirane, tinobvisa hondo sevanu vatema, tinobvisa hondo tiwirirane,” goes the lyrics.

This sounds like Jah defending his label saying it was meant to unite him with Andy as they come from the same rural area and all he wanted was to help push artists like Andy to greater heights.

Jah however denies that the lyrics have anything to do with him or Andy Muridzo.

“The song is not directed to Andy and that verse raising questions and rumours is not mine, it is Killer T’s verse.

“The song belongs to Killer T and he wrote and sang that part.

Working with producers, Dj Tamuka and Chiweda under MTM, Andy, Jah and various artists managed to collaborate on the hit song “Chekeche” that had Amara Brown and Pokello Nare cameo featuring in the video which was directed by Vusa Blags who is also linked to the label.

It remains to be seen if this is a lyrical confrontation that has started between the two or – as the duo insists – mere coincidence.

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