Jackie Ngarande’s death wish antics exposed

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Jackie Ngarande’s death wish antics exposed

Socialite Jacqueline Ngarande has been accused of unethical behavior following accusations that she staged a near-death Facebook Live video to boost her company.

Jackie took her admirers through a harrowing 23-minute performance in which she threatened to commit suicide because she felt unappreciated in her social circles and family.

She stated that she wanted to die so that she might rest in peace, and she even gave her “brother” Fortune instructions for her burial plans.

However, Ngarande, who is well-known for feeding the homeless, has been accused of lying in order to gain sympathy and draw attention to a project she is about to begin.

“This was just in bad taste as Ngarande proved to be someone who can deceive her followers for the sake of boosting her business,” the tabloid said in its editorial on Friday.

“Sadly, these are the kind of celebrities we have in Zimbabwe, in this era of social media. As a nation, it’s high time we give a cold shoulder to some of these lunatics masquerading as celebrities.”

The publication tore into Ngarande for taking her thousands or viewers for granted as most were left genuinely worried, distressed and shaken by Jackie’s 23 minutes from hell.

“Most of the viewers were consoling her. It later turned out that the 23-minute live broadcast was meant to hype her conference dubbed ‘‘Heal With Me,’’ to be held on October 1.

“Participants will have to fork out US$50 to attend this event. What shocked many is that the flier was leaked a few minutes after the socialite’s suicide announcement.

“These attention-seekers deserve to be condemned and be un-followed by fans who could find themselves with better things to do than spending their data on such people,” said H-Metro.

Jackie’s live video has since garnered over 175 000 views, and she has not appeared in public or issued a statement ever since.

The publication went on to tear into another socialite, Felistas Murata, prominently known as Mai TiTi, for similar antics all for clout chasing.

This was after Mai TiTi posted on her social media handle claiming she had reconciled with her US-based husband, Tinashe Maphosa. She also disclosed how she sold off her vehicles to fund her multiple weddings as her men were helpless when it came to raising funds.

“Zimbabweans tend to give a lot of credit to celebrities who were plucked from the bottom of the barrel before they became household names. However, we now have a new crop of attention-seeking celebrities.

“Some of these celebrities can do anything to grab headlines in the press and boost numbers on their social media handles. In recent months, we have had celebrities even faking their deaths.

“There are some who have been faking marriages and reunions, for attention’s sake. The attention-seeking levels we are witnessing are both worrisome and sickening.”

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