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Jackie Ngarande tastes Mai Titi’s wrath

Mai Titi

Zimbabwean comedienne and gospel artiste, Mai Titi, has come out guns blazing, threatening to beat up controversial socialite, Jackie Ngarande.


In a video message released on Monday, a furious Mai Titi said she was not Jackie’s friend despite smiling at her.

“Don’t talk s**t about me ndinokurova Jackie Ngarande, I’m not afraid of you.

“You are living a fake life, showing off, lying that you have a husband and kid.

“I’ve been quiet for so long and you continue disrespecting me.

“I don’t get money from man, I work hard and provide for my family,” said Mai Titi.

She added:

“You lie about charity work when you are busy stealing money from people.

“Right now you are on a list of suspects who are being charged with human trafficking.

“I assure you, I want to deep into that story and if I find out that you are on the list I will personally hand you over to the police.”

In an interview with H-Metro, Mai Titi claimed that Jackie’s charity organisation is not helping people with fees or any needs, instead she is exposing people’s personal lives on her social media platforms just to gain fame.

“Jackie is just a jealous slay queen who has nothing but light skin and filters and hence hating me because I’m progressing.

“I made t-shirts for her and she never paid me, so many people are complaining about her and yet she acts like she’s the richest woman who’s capable of helping people out there.

Mai Titi

“I work hard for my money everybody knows that and I empower a lot of women who are going through a lot in life.

“She gossips about me because I put a borehole for the community where my house is located.

“She then called one of her friends and told her I put a borehole pamba pasiri pangu,” she said.

Mai Titi added:

“It’s hard for her to mind her business, she’s always out for show off and to publicly humiliate other women.

“She should learn to be humble and focus on what matter in real life.

“She should know that our country needs a lot of innovations, she should work on that rather than showing off to the public.

“If she’s not good at helping people she should stop rather than embarrassing them. ”

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