Home LOCAL NEWS Jackal Found, Shot Dead In A House In Chitungwiza

Jackal Found, Shot Dead In A House In Chitungwiza

Jackal Found, Shot Dead In A House In Chitungwiza

Jackal Found, Shot Dead In A House In Chitungwiza

On Friday morning, there was chaos in Seke Unit A, Chitungwiza after a jackal was spotted.

A team from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) eventually shot the wild animal dead, after they failed to capture the jackal which was hiding under a bed in a house.

The jackal was spotted in the early hours of the morning by residents who were going about their business. The shocked residents attacked the jackal and started throwing stones at it.

While trying to flee from the mob, the jackal went into a nearby house after one of the occupants had left the door open.

The owner of the house in question Alfonce Mutengi then called ZimParks to come deal with the animal.

“The timid animal then sought refuge in one of our rooms after one of our tenants left the door to his bedroom open. It hid under a bed and I went to investigate only to establish it was an unusual animal. It was quite timid obviously because of the noise and the attack it had been subjected to by members of the public,”

Mutengi said that he locked the door of the room to ensure that the animal would not escape before the wildlife officials arrived.

“They asked me to verify if indeed it was a jackal and told them it was. They then advised me to lock the door and wait for them. When they came here they tried to capture it but could not do so because they did not have a cage. One other problem was that they could not open fire given the crowd that had swelled and they decided to call the police so that they could control people while they deal with it,” said Mr Mutengi.

“They then went to get some police officers who managed to contain the crowd while they captured it. They shot it rather than attempting to capture it.”

Many residents of the area expressed shock and concern at the presence of the jackal in the residential area. Residents claimed that the incident was unnatural because the nearest bushy area and habitat for wild animals is more than 5 kilometres away.

The house owner was also concerned about this freak incident. He was spotted administering some traditional concoctions to cleanse his house in order to remove any bad spells associated with the animal.

“I was advised by neighbours that it could be a bad spell and am now using coarse salt and water as part of efforts to cast the bad spell that could be associated with the jackal,” he said.

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