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Ivy Kombo speaks love, unity, anointing

Ivy Kombo speaks love, unity, anointing

Ivy Kombo speaks love, unity, anointing

UK BASED gospel diva Ivy Kombo is this week expected to renew her romance with Zimbabweans across the Limpopo with a series of workshops.

Ivy Kombo speaks love, unity, anointing

According to the talented diva’s advance team in Gauteng, the diva is expected in Johannesburg today ahead of the megachurch conference ending Sunday.

It will be running under the theme: “How To Operate Under An Open Heaven”.

However, Ivy won’t proceed to Zimbabwe after her South African visit.

Socialite and events management guru Faith “Chihera” Taruvinga is part of the advance team set to welcome and host the talented diva.

Speaking from her base in the UK, Ivy confirmed the tour.

“I will arrive in Johannesburg on Wednesday and spend the whole day at our Pretoria church branch (Upper view Ministries International.)

“On Thursday morning, we will be at Kingdom Family Worship Centre in Polokwane, a ministry led by Apostle Chris Masingi and his blessed wife Prophetess Florence Masingi.

“Bishop-General Addy Kasi is the invited guest speaker while I will lead worship together with the local worship team.

“Zimbabwe’s Tatenda Mahachi will join us there,” she said.

She, however, said the visit was more on engaging her followers in South Africa and not shows.

“’ The visit is more on the conference and not concert related.

“The conference ends Sunday,” she said.

On her message of hope to Zimbabwe and other nationalities who were affected by the recent xenophobic attacks, she said:

“I have no real experience in South Africa so I cannot say much to those residing there but I want them to know that God sees them and we have them in our prayers.

“They are a blessed lot working for their families and we salute them. We condemn the attacks on innocent people as we saw on media.”

She, however, made it clear that not all South Africans were of a violent nature.

“Not all South Africans have this attitude but the few really paint an otherwise beautiful nation dark.

“The love of God must bring nations together especially neighbors like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“Zimbabweans are of good hospitality and are known even in the UK and other countries for their hard work and kindness.

“’ They deserve the same treatment. We pray things will be ok. The scenes we saw, especially when Bishop-General Addy called me when he saw a person having been set aflame and was liberally running with the flame, burning like mere paper, made us cry.

“’ The Lord will pour His love and heal His people.”

Asked whether she would proceed to Zimbabwe for a mini visit, Ivy added:

“I am not crossing to Zimbabwe this time due to a heavy schedule.

“Well, I was there just recently. I would have been there preparing for Nguvayakwana which has now been postponed due to the passing on of the former President Mugabe. My condolences.”

Music-wise, Ivy said she was also doing well.

“I have just completed the album Like Mt Zion which has a video concerning Cyclone Idai which was received overwhelmingly by many in Zimbabwe and outside.

“I am doing another video on the song I Know Who You Are.”

She also praised her visitors in South Africa for the honor they showed them.

“As for Apostle Masingi and his wife, they are changing South Africa with the word of God.

“There is a special anointing on them. We pray for them and it’s an honor to be guests of honor at their annual conference.”



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