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It’s Stupid To Go To An Election When The Outcome Is Predetermined – MDC-T

Mwonzora Assigns Khupe, Mudzuri, Komichi To New Roles

It’s Stupid To Go To An Election When The Outcome Is Predetermined – MDC-T

Opposition MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora has said Zimbabwe should implement political reforms instead of rushing to have elections in the current environment.

MDC-T national chairman Morgen Komichi said Sunday the party believed that dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the way to go.

NewZimbabwe reports that the opposition party is currently engaged in meetings, deliberating on Mnangagwa’s response to its plea to postpone by-elections and also the 2023 elections.

On Saturday, the opposition party met with provincial executives to discuss Mnangagwa’s response to its proposals. Komichi said:

People need reforms, and it will be foolhardy for people to just be programmed. Let’s move away from this programming and see what has made our elections disputable for these last years.

We must come to reality and say because we don’t have electoral reforms, the outcome is predetermined and can be manipulated, and it will be stupid for Zimbabweans to go for an election or a programme that they know the outcome is predetermined.

The time is now for the people of Zimbabwe to go to the drawing table to say what are the serious issues affecting us, and then we do a process to welcome whoever the winner is.

He said Zimbabwe was now poorer because of the country’s preoccupation with elections for the last two decades.

Komichi added that Zimbabwe needs national dialogue, a process that is guaranteed to transform people’s lives.

He did not dismiss the possibility of a coalition government with the governing ZANU PF saying that it “will be the product of the dialogue, but what we need is something that will benefit the people of Zimbabwe.”

The MDC-T has been accused of working with Zanu PF to block the 2023 elections and also destroy the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance.

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