Henrietta Rushwaya has told detectives that she was carrying the gold on behalf of one Ali Mahommed, of the car dealership Ali Japan 786, when she was arrested at the airport.

She said she had been instructed to hand it over to a contact in Dubai.

Rushwaya said she obtained the gold from Ali at No.32 Lanark Road, Belgravia, Harare. She claimed Ali was a licensed gold buyer using the name Ali Japan 786 Private Limited. Ali Japan 786 is a company involved in buying and selling of second hand vehicles in several countries.

The Herald reports that at around midday yesterday, detectives stationed at RGM Airport heard that Rushwaya intended to smuggle gold to Dubai.

They tracked her as she underwent check-in processes and other immigration formalities.

Detectives placed her under surveillance and alerted the CAAZ scanner operators to thoroughly examine her baggage.

Metals were detected in her hand luggage leading to a search in full view of CID Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit detectives and other stakeholders at the airport.


Police said the recovered gold would be taken for assay to determine quantity and value after which it would be sent to Fidelity Printers and Refiners for safekeeping.

A kilogramme of gold was yesterday fetching just above US$62 000 on the international market, meaning the contraband seized from Rushwaya was worth around US$372 000.

She is expected in court today.