Home LOCAL NEWS “It Smells Like November 2017 All Over Again”

“It Smells Like November 2017 All Over Again”

“It Smells Like November 2017 All Over Again”

Paidamoyo Muzulu, a Harare based journalist has expressed skepticism on the protests planned for the 31st of July saying they remind of 2017 military assisted transition that ushered President Mnangagwa into power.

The protests were called by Jacob Ngarivhume, the leader of Transform Zimbabwe, to mark the second anniversary of the 2018 disputed presidential election and to force the incumbent government to yield to increasing calls for a National Transitional Authority (NTA).

The protests have since been endorsed by many opposition parties, including the factions of the main opposition MDC amid reports that some members of the ruling ZANU PF are involved in the organization of the protests. Muzulu wrote:

It feels once again like it’s a now moment or never. Zimbabweans want to change and are not ready to question the type of change they want. They simply want to change. It smells like November 2017 all over again.

He further claimed that the citizens’ desperation for change is as a result of prolonged economic and humanitarian and political crises in the country which they believe a new political setup can address.

The protests when reports of corruption in the country, mainly by government officials, have risen lately while the economy has continued to deteriorate unabated.


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