Is this the beginning of Enzo Ishall’s downfall?

Is this the beginning of Enzo Ishall’s downfall?.after he was attacked and pelted by fans during his performance.

The Smart Inotangire Kutsoka hitmaker allegedly left the stage unceremoniously, scaling over the security fence and straight to his vehicle before driving off. As reported by a local publication, the chanter suspects that his rivals allegedly sent mercenaries to sabotage his performance.

Enzo ishallAlthough having taken over the music industry by storm with a number of sing along tunes, the singer was overwhelmed by the big stage as hordes of people showed their displeausure with his performance.

DailyNews reports that at one point he had the limelight taken from him by Hatcliffe chanter -Fizzyman- whom he had given a few minutes to sing. ”Despite being new to people, he impressed and had to be called back on stage.”

Efforts to redeem himself from the agitated fans fell flat when he invited people to dance to his songs smart intotangira kutsoka and he performed Kanjiva and they performed dismally, raising the ire of fans who threw missiles on stage.

It is reported that one of the fans that he invited on stage was nearly attacked by dogs as he rushed to the stage before putting on a very disappointing performance that saw a stone being hauled at him and hitting the drum set.

Although he cautioned the people urging them to use other means to show displeasure missiles continued to rain.


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