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Is Mnangagwa A Lost Cause?

Renowned author and political commentator Kenneth Mafuka, in an opinion article published by The Standard, has asked if President Mnangagwa is a lost cause.

Mafuka in his opinion piece ended by saying he hopes there is something to redeem as things remain unstable in Zimbabwe and said:

One of Barack Obama’s contribution to US foreign policy was the encouragement of a class of liberal whites and blacks with absolutely first-class brains, but above everything else, loved their subjects. The African corps was one unit; they were Afro-philes (many of them African Americans). On several occasions, they beat me to information on Zimbabwe.

One such bright “chap” was Todd Moss, an assistant secretary, and three other southern Africa experts. Their report about President Emmerson Mnangagwa came out in the US on July 25, six days before the Zimbabwe 2018 elections.

ED (as our president is called by his friends) had been coached by British Ambassador Katriona Laing, an M-IV intelligence officer with special skills in regime change. As long as Ms Laing was holding ED’s hand, he said the most wonderful things and convinced the world that under his wise leadership, Zimbabwe would come out of the woods.

The report by Moss and his colleagues said that all those (and the British) who believed such nonsense, that a leopard can change its colours, were in for a long riede (supposedly on the back of the same leopard). They said that the idea that ED was a reformer was a lost cause.

I was devastated. At that time ED had made the most wonderful statements. I flew home with four investment portfolios under my arm. We had access to US$1 million for a dry-run experiment, but our goal was to raise US$3 billion. There was a Zimbabwean investment company in Birmingham which had US$400 million which served as our role model.

That company worked with the National Railways of Zimbabwe, but as we speak, has migrated (with its bags of money) to South Africa.

I was devastated. I should have listened to that Todd Moss “chap”.

The report says that all the talk about reforms is a “charade” (word in the report) probably concocted by Ms. Laing.

ED’s lack of projection

I came to this topic when I got an email from Hopewell Chin’ono in simple words. “Mukoma Ken, long time.” I feared the worst. When I checked the brother was in some stupid jailhouse, over a crime that was not in the crime books. This was the third time in 12 months.

After calming my tempestuous heart, I returned to reading the US reports on Mnangagwa’s government. A report from some senators who had just returned from Zimbabwe said that ED is surrounded by “thugs”.

Zimbabwe’s minister of security Owen Mudha Ncube is, in this report, alleged to be the capo-del capo of maShurugwi machete gangs. The name describes their activities. Serious though this allegation is, the second allegation was that this Mudha (Congressmen pronounced the name to mean a devil) had gone on rampage at Gaika Mine, destroying a 100-year-old mine structure.

When you add the name of Nick Mangwana and George Charamba to the team whose job is to project ED’s mission to Zimbabweans and to the world, one comes out with a very sorry picture.