Is Beverly Sibanda dating popular figure Simon Chamagwana?

The local tabloid H-Metro reports that the couple were spotted at Holly’s Hotel and Night Club on Sunday night, cosied up together. Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda is rumoured to be finally off the market, after being spotted at a night club caressing with popular figure BV Labien Music financier Simon ”Chamagwana”.

Beverly SibandaUnfortunately for the couple, Bev’s manager Hapaguti ”Harpers” Mapimhidze interrupted their romance after he took away the dancer for her scheduled performance. Quizzed about the affair, Chamangwana could neither confirm or deny the allegations.

BV Labien Musica” I cannot say we are in love or not but what I know is that Bev and we have known eachother for sometime now and those who conclude that we are lovers cannot be blamed,” said Chamangwana.

”I saw you taking pictures as well so this is it atoenda Bev tangatichitandara that is it,” he said refusing to answer more questions.

Bev refused to entertain the paper, but her manager confirmed the relationship saying it was no sin. ” Bev is free to give her heart to anyone she loves and with Chamangwana they are always together and I only disturb Bev when it comes to her performances,” said Harpers.


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