A Man from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo escaped death by a whisker after he was axed three times on the head by two men from the area.

Mr Cephas Mnkandla (35), commonly known as Madangariya, is recovering at Mpilo Central Hospital following the attack which happened at about 4PM on Monday last week.

Residents said Mr Mnkandla is suspected to have been axed by two men, only identified as Kudzi and Nash. The two accused him of stabbing their brother in a robbery about a month ago.

The suspects, according to Mr Mnkandla’s co-tenant Ms Sphetheni Ncube, were arrested on the same day but were later released due to unspecified reasons.

“We learnt about the incident around 4PM. These men seem to have confused Madangariya with a man who stabbed their brother last month,” said Ms Ncube.

“An ambulance came and Madangariya was rushed to hospital while these two men were taken by police but they were released on the following day. We would be talking of a different story if the ambulance had not made it in time.”

Miss Caroline Sithole, one of his neighbours, said Mr Mnkandla sustained three deep cuts on the head.

“He sustained three deep cuts on the head. We suspect he is losing his memory as he sometimes forgets our names or talks about things that do not make sense,” said Miss Sithole.

“He has no one close to take care of him as he had been staying alone so as neighbours we have been to hospital and it is a very sad situation especially considering that he is suffering for something that he might not have done.”



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