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In A Conversation With Nutty O on Mustard Seed!

In A Conversation With Nutty O on Mustard Seed!

Dancehall star Nutty O has already shown the world a glimpse of greatness after featuring on Etana’s project nominated for 2019 Grammys.

The Mbare bred chanter, who calls himself Africa’s finest, has released his debut album titled ‘‘Mustard Seed’’ with the song ‘‘Handipere Power’’ an instant hit.

It carries two international collaborations titled ‘‘Ndiwe’’ and ‘‘Success’’ featuring Demarco and Stonebwoy.

Currently, the song ‘‘Ndiwe’’ is number one on Apple

Zimbabwe chart.

In a wide-ranging interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle reporter Edwin Nhukarume (EN), Nutty (NO) who is celebrating his successful album, has shared his thoughts on landing the Grammy. Read on . . .

EN: How is the response from your fans and others on Mustard Seed? NO: The response is huge; I can’t

believe people are gravitating to the music like that. It’s doing well, number one album on Apple Music, and number one single too.

EN: Is the album reaching the audience that you targeted?

NO: Yes it is reaching the audience. We are still working on spreading further to reach outer markets.

EN: What are you expecting from this project?

NO: Its done already, the response is a confirmation of what people have already said; it’s the best album.

EN: How long did it take to come up with Mustard Seed project?

NO: Don’t fully know the timeline but I know it took a fair deal of time.

EN: What does Mustard Seed mean?

NO: The idea behind Mustard seed is about transformation from a small thing into a big tree, it speaks of the power of faith and self-belief.

EN: How far true is it that some tracks on Mustard Seed were recorded as far back as 2017?

NO: Yes 2017

EN: How many unreleased songs do you have?

NO: Over 20 songs

EN: Recently you mentioned of emulating Burna Boy. Do you see yourself bringing the Grammy Award home in future?

NO: Yes, without fail the Grammy will come one day, it might not be me but I’ll spark the mind that can bring the Grammy so in essence it’s me.

EN: What is your main aim or target in the music industry?

NO: To be a great musical icon who can impact the whole world.

EN: Where do you get your inspiration from?

NO: Inspiration is Godly, nature inspires me too.

EN: When did you start recording music professionally? NO: In 2014.

EN: What made you decide to do music?

NO: Because music is my passion, I am doing what I can lose sleep for.

EN: Why did you choose to do dancehall?

NO: It’s not dancehall it’s Afro dancehall, enough songs are a diverse. Afrocentric.

EN: Do you categorise your music as Zim dancehall?

NO: Yes if Zim dancehall means a Zimbabwean citizen doing global dancehall.

EN: Mustard Seed is your debut album and how many singles have you recorded so far?

NO: Yes, it’s my debut album I have done countless singles my bro.

EN: Where did you grow up(childhood), and how did the environment you grew up in shaped you?

NO: Mbare national mi come from . . . You see life in the ghetto is a blessing, many lessons, its a character building environment hence NuttyO.

EN: Where are you residing these days?

NO: I live in my mind lol.

EN: You were once blasted by some artistes and Zim dancehall fans for using patois in your music and you never changed and believed in your art, how hard was it to stick to something that was blasted by some big voices in Zim dancehall?

NO: It’s not painful to stick to what you believe in, what’s painful is seeing vision-less fellows fighting you.

EN: Which people played an important role from day one of your music career, and how did they help?

NO: Can’t mention all, because they are many. But in a nutshell Cashlibs bigop, Byron Kabaira bigop for believing in my brand and embarking with me in this journey up to this stage.

A lot of people behind the scenes, my family, Big Don 351, plenty and my fans.

EN: Who is your role model? NO: I am my own role model . . . But you know I admire a lot of people and the list is endless.

EN: Which artistes do you admire internationally or locally? You can explain why?

NO: Lot of Nigerian artistes, Burna, Wiz, Fireboy, and USA Bieber, Chris Brown Rihanna. Winky D locally because he is good and he his a wise individual with good character.

EN: Are you the breadwinner in your family as you highlight in some of your lyrics in the songs? If yes, how hard is it to be a breadwinner at such a young age.

NO: I am the breadwinner yes and it’s not hard being a breadwinner its good challenge.

EN: Thank you for your time. NO: You are welcome bro. Jah bless!

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