Home SOUTH AFRICA “I’m working as a male thigh Vendor and make three times more”

“I’m working as a male thigh Vendor and make three times more”

“I’m working as a male thigh Vendor and make three times more”

MTHOBISI Makhunga (36), a South African, has confessed how lockdown retrenchment turned him into a male pr_stitute and is making brisk business out of it.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the energetic Mthombisi said;

“Today I’m working as a male s_x worker and make three times more than I made working in a shop,” he said.

Mthobisi said he took home R2 600 a month and the hours were bad.

He started his new trade after he lied to a woman in a kasi tavern that he was a male s_x worker.

“I wasn’t serious, but the woman seemed interested. I sold myself as a porn star.

“She took my numbers and later phoned me saying she needed my services.

“I desperately needed cash as I wasn’t working. I went to her place and we p0ked. She gave me R700!”

Mthobisi said he kept thinking about the money he could make if he took the business seriously.

“Two days later I got a call from another woman. She said she’d heard about me and needed to be p0ked. I have about 15 clients,” he said.

Mthobisi said he now has enough time to do a business management course.

“I stay fit for poking by eating healthily and training.”

He jogs in the morning and drinks a lot of water.

He said his clients were married women whose men were no longer interested in s_x and single women who hadn’t been lucky in relationships.

A 53-year-old woman said she’d been married for 30 years and her husband could go for five months without touching her.

“So I use Mthobisi’s services. There are no strings attached,” she said

A 49-year-old client said she just wanted someone who wouldn’t call or text and cause trouble.

“All I want is to be p0ked well and go home to my hubby,” she said.

Nomusa Nxumalo (45) said: “When I divorced three years ago I decided I won’t get in a relationship again. But I was hungry for s_x. Mthobisi is just what I was looking for.”

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