I’m not moved – Calaz


I’m not moved – Calaz

Zim dancehall chanter Seh Calaz says he is unmoved by violent threats from Buffalo Souljah after he responded to his video that went viral on social media.

Seh Calaz Fined For ‘Kurova Hohwa’ Song

Seh Calaz said the South Africa based singer had responded violently to his video after misinterpreting the message on it.

“On the threats of violence, I am not moved by those empty threats.

“To be honest as I addressed the issue during Friday’s interview on Eaground with Plot Mhako, Buffalo Souljah’s response came as a surprise.

“I never attacked Buffalo Souljah, I just said I think Shatta Wale did a better job in the diss war between the two and in all fairness he is entitled to say that as a fan of music

“Souljah’s rant about lacking vision and violent threats came as a surprise that he said he is entitled to his opinion of thinking that others do not have a vision because we do not report to him,” said Seh Calaz.

Buffalo Souljah

The chanter had posted a video on social media dissing Buffalo saying Nutty O is better than him.

However, Seh Calaz went on to deny that he had attacked Buffalo Souljah.

“If you listen carefully to the video, the mention of Nutty O was in passing in reference to how lyrically strong and good he is.

“In actual fact what was said is that nobody else should get involved musically between Buffalo Souljah and Shatta Wale as he is supposed to fight his own battles. The beef is between the two,” he said.

In an interview with H-Metro, Buffalo Souljah said:

“I do not want to comment on the guy again, I said everything on the video.

“My advice is that we have to unite and push the movement positively rather than beefing the one sacrificing himself for greater good of Zim music but they rather let their hate blind them,” said Buffalo Souljah.

This came after Seh Calaz posted a video attacking Buffalo Souljah.

“Nutty O ndiye angatofa nemunhu (Buffalo Soljah), siyai vapfanha vechidiki vaimbe rurimi rwavo rinomhanya,” he said.

Buffalo Souljah then responded to the video with another video saying:

“If you see me in person I want you to ask me the same things you post on social media

“Nditaurireyi muone kuti ndinokuitayi sey,tione kuti muchabva ipapo mune mazino here,” said Buffalo Souljah.

Buffalo Souljah has a beef with Shatta Wale where they are composing songs attacking each other and the former is said to have done better than the Ghanaian in the second round of the diss war as shown by the response of the majority on the social media.



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