The late Cde Chinx’s second wife, Zodwa is bitter that she was barred from moving into the Mabelreign House.


She said the late musician died a bitter man after a “sudden unilateral decision” was made to give the senior wife the house.

“It had been decided that I should not get a share of the house and he asked Nyadzayo and the others what they would do for me. He did so three times. I could see he was distressed. He died a very bitter man because of that issue.

“Remember that house was built with two bedrooms for the comrade’s two wives. Even though we were not going to stay there together, I needed to retain half ownership of the property,” she told the Sunday Mail. Zodwa insisted that she does not want anything for herself, but for her children.

“Vana havana chavakawana (the kids didn’t get anything). It affected them a lot and in turn, it affected me too. I’m the one who has young kids. I believe that something should have been set aside for my kids to finish school and so forth.

“I left the police force on medical grounds in December last year, which means I could use this help. We are managing though.”

“I’m now being treated like I was his whore, I was his wife. My father-in-law and my husband’s sisters are the ones that came to pay lobola to my people. His children are there. The whole world knew that Cde Chinx had two wives. Why was I treated that way?

“Rangu barika ndoo raita sei? Mutemo wakandiregerera. Anga asingazive kuti comrade vane vakadzi vaviri ndiyani? Nyika yakandipandukira (What was so special about our polygamous union? The law let me down. Who did not know that the comrade had two wives? The whole nation turned its back on me).”

Zodwa said that the Chairman’s Award (the Sentosa house) that Cde Chinx got was a result of his musical exploits, which she was a part of. “I composed music with my husband. We performed together, wrote together. Now even the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association is telling me that I can only get 20 percent of the royalties. It is very absurd,” she said.

She added: “My husband and I are the ones who used to send money to maiguru (the senior wife). It’s just that I come from a good family, I was brought up well. Otherwise, I could have caused mayhem from the start.”

Fortunately, it is not all doom and gloom for Cde Chinx’s widow.

Nyadzayo, who has been working on a film based on the life of Cde Chinx since 2012, says all the proceeds will go towards the second wife’s upkeep. According to Nyadzayo, Cde Chinx died before the film could be concluded but it had already been agreed that the proceeds would go towards his younger wife.

“She stays in a flat and it has some outstanding monies. I wish to pay off that money from proceeds of the film,” he said.

Zodwa is grateful for all that Nyadzayo has done for their family. “That man’s heart is golden. I wish him a long prosperous life. He had built the house with his friend’s two wives in mind but his programme was hijacked.

‘‘‘He told me his plans with the film. I hope all goes well,” she said. Ntombizodwa, a former police officer, is now enjoying her retirement at her home in Norton.

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