I’M A BILLIONAIRE SAYS CHIYANGWA | Businessman Philip Chiyangwa has revealed that he owns a billion dollars worth of property and assets.


He told guests at an all black party at Mazvikadie leisure resort that his vast wealth will be inherited by his children. He said he deals with real cash and does not go for any tender to beg for an opportunity to get money.

The party was a joint birthday celebration for the businessman’s nephew, Mike Chimombe and one, Marcia Rusero.

Mike is a former Chinhoyi resident but is believed to have discovered a fortune in Harare ever since relocating to the city where he is learning the money tricks from his uncle.

Chiyangwa further boasted that before he attends a party for anyone he first establishes if the host has real cash, lest they become bankrupt soon after.

He further chided some people in the diaspora, who wallow in poverty abroad but still opt to remain in foreign lands.



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