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Illegal Forex Dealers Flood The City Despite Lockdown, Police Fingered For Taking Bribes

Illegal Forex Dealers Flood The City Despite Lockdown, Police Fingered For Taking Bribes

Illegal foreign currency dealers are reportedly beginning to slowly trickle into Masvingo City Centre, in flagrant violation of the nationwide lockdown.

According to reports reaching Zim247 news, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers have been fingered for allegedly allowing the money changers into the city in exchange for bribes.

Despite police having been deployed countrywide to enforce the lockdown which is meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Masvingo Mirror, residents have, however, expressed that the law enforcement officers are a threat to the success of the lockdown.

According to the publication, in the last three days, tens of money changers have flocked back into the Masvingo CBD are now back in business.

Speaking to an illegal forex dealer, who is among the hordes of dealers doing business in the city, the publication was shocked to learn that the dealers are paying bribes to a whole shift of officers in exchange for protection from arrest.

‘The officers organise themselves then they will collect money from us at least twice a day,’ said the money changer who refused to be named.

What has sparked outrage among the locals is that police officers are brutally assaulting anyone found milling around in the city but the dealers are being spared.

National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi did not confirm or deny the reports after being contacted for comment. He only revealed that the matter is a serious one and will be discussed by the Police commanders at the Police General Headquarters.

A prominent businessman who has a fast food outlet after Roy along Masvingo – Mutare Highway contacted the publication and said that pirate taxis are back on the road in full force. He also said that the operators are paying bribes to cops who would allow them to carry as many passengers as possible.

“This is defeating the fight against the COVID virus. I don’t know if Police chiefs are aware of this,” said the businessman who declined to be named.

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