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‘If You Die A Civil Servant, We Will Give Your Family USD$ 500 For Funeral’ – Govt

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The Zimbabwean government has announced that surviving spouses or family members of civil servants who die will receive USD500 in funeral assistance.

Nick Mangwana the permanent ecretary in the ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, announced the development that many have regarded as a awkward. Posting on his social media pages, Mangwana said:

Starting immediately, Govt will pay an equivalent US500 in funeral assistance for any civil servant who passes away. This is regardless of any funeral policy the member may have. The money is paid to a surviving spouse, adult children or agreed dependent.

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This comes at a time government workers across sectors have since 2019 embarked on a series of protests demanding the restoration of their 2018 salaries.

Back then, civil servants were earning an average of US$500 but now they are being paid an average of US$30 which they say is too insignificant.

Source | Nick Mangwana.