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“I will still continue to sleep with Ben 10s”

Dancer and Influencer Zodwa Wabantu might have outlined it in one of the television stations on Mzansi Tv, that she might not stop seeing and mating with young boys.

It might be probably because the young ones can be easily controlled because of not having much to offer or to bring to the table on a relationship.

Most of Zodwa’s relationships are with the young boys, no one knows why but zodwa knows easy why.

The relationship of Zodwa don’t usually last long perhaps is because they might be based on material things like money, cars and house as well as the fame.

Because being with someone like Zodwa Wabantu might come out with huge composure and albacore to seen as the celebrity too.

Zodwa Wabantu might be the happiest person in South Africa because is probably living the of her own terms.

In other news, Ginimbi’s former manager Shaleen Nullens affectionately known as Ms Shally has confirmed that her boyfriend, socialite and businessman ‘Hell Commander’ Mbizvo was involved in a terrible accident last night.

Ms Shally posted a message on Instagram saying; “It’s been a walk filled with challenges, the news is true my love Hell Commander involved in a terrible accident last night when he was driving the Lamborghini Huracan.

Trevor ‘Hell Commander’ involved in “terrible accident” – Ms Shally

“One very precious life was lost and the hell commander is in hospital suffering from a few injuries. A lot has been happening lately but we would appreciate your support and also allow us to mourn our close friend we lost. Please keep us in your prayers.”…Learn More


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