Home Celebs “I Was Nearly Raped” – Abused Mai Titi Bares Soul!

“I Was Nearly Raped” – Abused Mai Titi Bares Soul!

“I Was Nearly Raped” – Abused Mai Titi Bares Soul!

• Reveals she pulled out of film
• Accuses producers of unprofessionalism

Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, yesterday told H-Metro that she clashed with Leo Brown, the man behind her trip to Tanzania, over sexual abuse she underwent during her stay there.

She pulled out of the film and expressed her dissatisfaction, describing her stay at Dar es Salaam as similar to the ‘Big Brother’ reality show.

“Leo Brown is a criminal, an opportunist and chancer who wanted to use celebrities to hype his career,” said Mai Titi.

“I have messages between me and Brown to prove that I was the one who decided to pull out of the film mainly because of serious sexual abuse, he wanted me to go under some other celebrities who were under the influence of drugs (sic).

“I could not give in and on the 17th of April, I cried for help as one of them (name given) harassed me sexually and the other ladies came to understand why I had tendered my decision to pull out on the 13th of April.

“For Leo to post on social media that I am unprofessional when he is the one who human trafficked female celebrities for sexual abuse is unfair.

"I Was Nearly Raped" - Abused Mai Titi Bares Soul!

“He promised to hold some shows, which he never fulfilled, only to demand US$10 000 from me to be able to record a collaboration with Awilo Longoma.

“At first he wanted US$30 000 for a collaboration with Sean Paul and I denied. “He spent the better part of our stay demanding money for collaborations with Awilo.

“To say we were at a hotel is false, but we were staying at a villa where we lived like in a hostel — much like we were in Big Brother.

“I had to look for alternative food since we were given sadza and beans every day.

“I lost my hard earned money in Dar es Salaam under the hands of Leo Brown only to wake up to false allegations that he was the one who pulled me out of the film for unprofessionalism.

“I am a woman who stands for women’s rights, with two children and my parents to look after and not be abused for fame in a foreign land,” said Mai Titi.

She phoned one of the Tanzanian celebrities only identified as Barbra in the presence of H-Metro and the woman confirmed that Mai Titi pulled out of the film over sexual harassment and abuse.

"I Was Nearly Raped" - Abused Mai Titi Bares Soul!
Mai titi during the shooting of ‘A Life To Regret’

Mai Titi was responding to a social media post by BJB Films revealing that her departure and subsequent replacement in the film by another female artiste was due to her lack of professionalism on and off set.

“It’s sad to announce that we had to terminate Mai TT’s role and replace her with Angel Mary Kato due to lack of professionalism on set and whilst living and working with other celebrities as well as crew.

“We love Zimbabweans that’s (why) we picked someone from Zim, but unfortunately we could not continue with her,” read part of the BJB Films statement.

However, Mai TT hit back, accusing BJB of unprofessionalism. “They were supposed to be honest by telling people that I am the one who pulled off over being holed at a hotel in Dar-es-Salaam for three months without money.

“I ended up footing my own bills as they failed to meet some of the costs. “I could not continue losing more money for fame when I really knew that I made it long back in my mother country, Zimbabwe.

“I refuse to be used considering that I am a mother of two children who depend on me. “I couldn’t stay and rely on promises he kept giving me when I knew for sure that being in my mother country I could make more in three months as well as providing love and food for my children.

“They took time enquiring from me about potential sponsors that they could engage in Zimbabwe and that opened my eyes about their motive.

“I regret my time I lost waiting for the shooting of a film and I am not the only one who pulled out,” said Mai Titi.

“It affected my budget, my time and love with my children that is why I came and remained silent about it.

“It is unfortunate for them to clear their mess by posting falsehoods about my participation in the film,” said Mai Titi.

She said she had decided to keep quiet about the sexual abuse, but was forced to respond by BJB Films’ press release that accused her of unprofessionalism.

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