AFFABLE rapper Takura Shonhai, who has defied the Friday the 13th myth as he launches his debut album at Club 1+1 this week, says he draws inspiration from Alick Macheso.


The youthful rapper says he has a soft spot for Baba Sharo even though he settled for Zim Hip Hop. The rapper, who is set to unveil his debut album titled Someone Has To Do It, said he can’t wait for Friday to meet his fans he regards as guest of honours.

Fellow rappers Stunner, Tehn Diamond, DJ Towers, I AM King are set to grace the event.

In an interview with H-Metro, Takura who could not hide his admiration for Macheso’s talent urged fans to support local talent.

“I’m inspired by many artistes but Macheso is one of them.

“I like everything about his music since he cannot something many people cannot do.

“If he were to go to the US, vanotomuba chete,” he said.

Takura, who is tipped to put Zim Hip Hop on the world map alongside other rappers like Stunner and Tehn Diamond, said he could not wait to meet his fans.

“I’m expecting fireworks because I feel it’s like my best product.

“Artistically speaking, I was too personal on this project,’ he said.

Asked why he opted to launch the album at Club 1+1 which has become a hit with fellow Andy Muridzo,

Freeman and Killer T who have booked the venue, Takura added:

“It is a great place since everybody goes there. There is a lot of space and I just like the vibe there, especially for my kind of music.”

Early this week, the rapper said he was not reading much into the Friday the 13th myth, which is usually associated with bad luck.

“I am not afraid of anything because they are just beliefs of people.

As I was growing up people used to say I wouldn’t make it and also they used to say I come from a family where I am the only boy with five girls so they had the belief that witches from my rural area will target me.

“I do not believe in those stuff because it doesn’t work for me for I am always known for doing the impossible so I am going to do it again this Friday where I will be launching my album called Someone had to do it,” he was quoted as saying.

Takura urged fans to show up in numbers at the launch which will culminate into a show.

He also promised lots of surprise acts at the launch.

Doors opens at 9pm where 500 free CDs will be given to fans while Takura merchandise will be on sale.


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