I Wanted To Be A Soldier: Thokozani Khupe


I Wanted To Be A Soldier: Thokozani Khupe

MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe wanted to be a soldier so she could defend her country from enemies.


This came out in an interview she had with a local newspaper in which she opened up about her personal life. “I am a proud single mother of three children, twin boys, and a girl.

Two lawyers and an accountant.

“Having dual roles has never been easy. Our children have grown up without enjoying being with us because we spend most of our time doing political work than attending to our families. This is so because as a leader you automatically seize to be a mother of your children and you become a mother to everyone,” she said.

Khupe revealed that she wanted to be a soldier in order to defend the country from its enemies: “I wanted to be a soldier because I wanted to defend my country from enemies. I then became a politician where I have spent almost half of my life fighting for equal opportunities for all, and I will continue to fight for equal opportunities until every Zimbabwean has a better life.”

She castigated leaders who do engage in violence to stay in power.

Said Khupe: “Leaders come and go, we must all understand that we will have this leader now and tomorrow it will be another leader.

“The problem that we have is that we have power hungry people who don’t want to respect their own constitution, people who want to usurp power through violence, through unconstitutional means, through discrimination.

“This is the poison that we have with other political leaders. In life, you must learn to wait for your time to come and stop fast-tracking yourself into a leadership position through unprocedural means. This bad behaviour must not be allowed to continue.”

The MDC-T leader said the problems being faced in Zimbabwe can only be solved through dialogue hence the call.

“We are saying let us deal with underlining issues, and come up with permanent solutions to our problems and this can only happen through dialogue where we are coming together as Zimbabweans, as one people as one nation and as one Zimbabwe and this is all we are talking about.

“We also alluded to the fact that we are going to be engaging the diplomatic community, we are going to be engaging the regional and international community we are also going to be engaging government both as a political actor and as the state so that we deal with these issues and this we will do as soon as possible ASAP because we want Zimbabwe to move forward.

Khupe added that “we cannot sit down and fold hands when we watch Zimbabwe burning we will not do that, we as Zimbabweans must put our hands together, our thoughts together, hold each other and say what kind of a Zimbabwe do we want?

“We want a Zimbabwe where everyone is going to have a better life and this is who we are and if given the opportunity we will be able to deliver the change we want,” she said.



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