Home LOCAL NEWS ‘I used To Rob Clients’, Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses

‘I used To Rob Clients’, Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses

'I used To Rob Clients', Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses

‘I used To Rob Clients’, Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses

A self-confessed thigh vendor serving time for extorting clients has sensationally claimed to have been convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit.

'I used To Rob Clients', Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses

Chipo Dube vowed to turn her fanner clients and fellow thigh vendors to God saying the power of the Holy Spirit convicted her when one of the inmates shared a sermon during prayer in a cell.

Dube said this on Saturday during a church service conducted by Daughters of Virtue Ministries, popularly known as Ndadhiniwa Group led by Prophetess Memory Matimbire.

“I lost my time and dignity loitering in the Avenues, hooking up with men for s..ex. I was unaware that God had good plans for me and my family,” said Dube. “The devil robbed me of my life and opened a door for me to be called a prostitute ndikabviswa nyadzi dzose zvekufamba ndakashama pavanhu nemumabhawa ndichitsvake mari.

“I became greedy to the extent of robbing several men who engaged me for s..ex by extorting them of their hard-earned money which was supposed to help their families.

“My life has changed here in prison. Police arrested me and prison officers make sure I do not escape, but something happened to my soul during prayer when one of the inmates, who has since been released, shared a word with me in the cells.

“The Holy Spirit convicted me and I came to my senses. I realised that I am a sinner. I felt sorry for the families I robbed of their money and the spouses who were denied conjugal rights during my useless time on the streets hooking up with men.

“God has spoken to me and my body is no longer filled with the power of sin and no longer craving for s..ex,” said Dube.

She narrated how she lured lustful men in the Avenues area, saying God had changed her life and could not wait to be a ‘fisher of men’ upon her release in a few months.

“One of the inmates — Cathy — shared a message with me quoting scriptures from the book of Judges where the story of Samson is written.

“Samson vakamugera vhudzi asi vakakanganwa kumudimbura musoro. Nekudaro vhudzi rakakura, simba rake rikadzoka. Neniwo ndakabirwa simba rekuva nehupenyu hwangu sakazvino ndawana simba nekuda kwejeri. “It was during her sermon and prayer when I felt convicted and it was more than that which was executed by the criminal courts.

“Ndakashandurwa mwoyo, muviri nemweya wangu ndikapihwa muono mutsva, pfungwa itsva, nemweya mutsva nendangariro. “Ndakabviswa rima mandiri, nyama yangu yashanduka uye ndakawana mukana wekudzidziswa shoko ndirimuno mutorongo. Pandinobuda nyika ichashanduka neshoko rechiedza,” said Dube promising to take the good news to thigh vendors and lustful men.

Dube promised to be on fire for Jesus Christ alongside Prophetess Matimbire upon her release. She commended Prophetess Matimbire for visiting them with messages of hope and prayer.

Daughters of Virtue ministries donated goods worth U$10 000 including sanitary pads, maize, mealie-meal, cooking oil, blankets, dried fish, washing and bathing soap, toothpaste, flour and pairs of slippers as well AS US$3 000 cash.

'I used To Rob Clients', Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses


'I used To Rob Clients', Ex Thigh Vendor Confesses



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