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‘I TRIED TO SAVE MY BOY’…Suicide Boy’s Mom Bullied On Social Media!

'I TRIED TO SAVE MY BOY'...Suicide Boy's MomBullied On Social Media!

Mother of the Churchill High School boy who jumped to his death four weeks ago at the Julius Nyerere Way Parkade says she is traumatized following leaked social media comments accusing her of pressurizing her son to death.

'I TRIED TO SAVE MY BOY'...Suicide Boy's MomBullied On Social Media!
Jessica Jacobs with her late son

Jessica Jacobs, the mother to the is-year-old boy who committed suicide at the parkade in October, spoke to H-Metro from her home in South Africa and revealed leaked WhatsApp group chats which blamed her for her son’s death. Jacobs came across social media chats that involved parents who insinuated that she is an irresponsible and unfit mother who failed her son.

She said: “I’m quite disturbed over social media messages which a friend sent to me coming from Riverton Academy parents’ WhatsApp group in Masvingo, where they were discussing how I put pressurized my son into committing suicide.

“People shouldn’t just start judging people without even knowing where they’re coming from. My son mwana aiteerera and I just want him to rest in peace.

“You see, the death of his dad triggered his depression because he was very close to him.” Her sentiments follow speculation which circulated on social media the day her son died as some said he committed suicide after he impregnated a girl while others pointed to drugs.

She added: “When he wrote his (O) levels, he passed 10 subjects. “He enrolled at Churchill boarding school to do sciences. “He started having challenges which I investigated, and it turned up to be bullying and I took him out of boarding.

“I got him, private tutors, too. “When he started mentioning the fear of failing exams, we sat him down with his brother. “The brother explained to him how he failed his ‘A’ levels twice and how I was supportive of him until his completion of a degree.

“We brought him to SA to seek help with psychologists. “I went to Dubai and did the shopping for him. “I wanted to make him happy and I even went to his school to request for a transfer so that I’d take him with me back to SA to continue counseling sessions with psychologists. “I was checking up on him and all was well.

“The very day he committed suicide, I texted him and the previous night we spoke on the phone; he was happy. “All I can say is depression is a mental issue which needs attention and we did what we could by taking him to the hospital where he got medication,” Jacobs added that she is also undergoing counseling sessions due to depression.

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