“I Smile Because I Know You Loved Me Till The Day You Went Away”

On the anniversary of the late founding leader of the MDC party, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, his widow Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai remembered him with this heartfelt message below.

Late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth misses Tsvangirai

To my dear husband Morgan

It’s been a year since God called you after a courageous 2-year cancer battle. Reliving this day brings grief and sorrow that I felt when you battled your last few months. We tried everything we could travel all over the world because I wanted you to be healthy again.

I thought we would spend the rest of our lives together and achieve our dreams together, but Heaven called you too soon. We sometimes encountered problems like every normal couple but making up and solving our issues was just magical.

To the world, you were a great politician and humanitarian but to me, you were more than that; you were my best friend. Being married to you was a privilege and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to share your dreams, hopes, friendship, love and much more. You were the most patient person I have ever encountered. At times when I would get upset, you stayed calm when I got worried you always reaffirmed that things would be ok.

Your passion, thoughtfulness and love for others astounded me. You always put others’ needs and happiness above your own. Morgan, you were the most amazing generous selfless man I have ever known. You were a hero to everyone who knew you. You gave hope to many.

You were a man of the people. There aren’t enough words to fully paint a picture of how great of a person you were to me and the world but I believe your work and passion still remains a testament of your tireless devotion to a better nation and world for everyone.

I miss your voice, laughter and humour; but above all, I miss that well of wisdom, knowledge and love I continually drew from.

Today I smile because I know you loved me till the day you went away.

I miss you so much

Your loving wife Elizabeth

Rest In Peace until the resurrection of those who sleep in Christ.
(1 Corinthians 15)


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