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‘I met him at Zupco bus stop, had s_x and he disappeared’

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am in love with a man who I met at the bus stop while waiting for a Zupco bus. He was well-dressed. I was wondering why such a man would be waiting for a bus instead of taking a taxi or driving his own car. He initiated a conversation with me.

He told me that he had returned to Zimbabwe from South Africa and lost his wallet, so he had to take the bus to get around. When the bus came, I went in and we sat together. I gave him my number and asked him for his. He said he did not own a phone, but he would call.

He called me in the evening and gave me a cell number. He told me that he still did not get his wallet, but he was expecting to receive some money through Mukuru. He told me he wanted us to go out when he got paid.

The following Friday, he called and said that he had a car and would like for us to go to watch a movie at Avondale.

When we went out, all he did was talk about himself. He was so boring. He said he was married, but the marriage was on the verge of breaking up because he could not get along with his wife.

I told him men say that when they want to have a relationship with another woman. He said he was different, but he was not. On our third date, we went to a lodge to have s_x. I had to book the room and pay for it. He should have given me back the money, but he never did.

The name he gave me was not his real name. He did not want me to take a picture of him. He said that he couldn’t expose himself because of the type of job that he does. I believed him. On another occasion, we went out and had s_x again.

He promised to pick me up the following day, but when I called the number he gave me, it rang without an answer. I went to the address he said he was staying, but no one there knew him. I never saw him again.

I feel like I have been tricked. I protected myself by purchasing cond0ms. I spent a total of ZW$9,500 and I gave myself to him. Aunty, the thing is, I have my baby father, and when I was going out with this man, I lied to my baby father and told him that I was going to the country to visit my sick mother.

What can I do to track this man down to get back my money? I am afraid to give you my name. I don’t want my child’s father to know that I cheated on him.

Source | My Zimbabwe

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