“I have what it takes to overtake Queen of swagga,” says Socialite Jarmamba


“I have what it takes to overtake Queen of Swagga,” says Socialite Jarmamba

Fashionista and socialite Jarmamba Catherine is confident she has what it takes to overtake the Queen of Swagga.

"I have what it takes to overtake Queen of Swagga," says Socialite Jarmamba

The South Africa based fashionista said her shoe brand Cathe Jeyz is not going to be competitive with any local brand.

“There are two if not one brand in the shoe game in Zimbabwe, mine is distinctive, I have come up with something affordable for everyone.

“Cathe Jeyz comes with strong lasting quality meant for every class and occasion,” said Catherine.

Catherine said she come up with her brand to show young girls anything is possible without the aid of any men.

“Girls now have a tendency of waiting for handouts from men but, I wanted to show them anything is possible without handouts from men.

“I always encourage ladies to have a side hustle that can sustain them in life,” she said.



Last week it was reported that the two had split over money issues, a rumor both parties denied by professing their ignorance.

However, leaked chats between the parties show that money played a big part in their decision to split.

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