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“I have no regrets” – Mai Titi as another man slips through her fingers

“I have no regrets” – Mai Titi speaks  as another man slips through her fingers

Mai Titi says she does not regret dating her Nigerian lover one bit.

She said on Instagram : ”I did not lose anything guys. Its not my loss at the end of the day. This is one relationship that I honestly do not regret.

This is one relationship that  I do not even cry about  I will let God decide which is which, what is the outcome. No need to feel sorry for me.”

Last year in October the comedienne went under fire after it was alleged that she had snatched her Nigerian lover from another woman.

Speaking to Newsday, Mai Titi said she started dating Obina soon after she divorced Zizoe.

"Zizoe Opened my Scars"

“It is not true for people to say I announced the dates for my wedding. I am in a relationship with Mr Obina. We have been in love for seven months now and we truly love each other. He takes care of me and my kids, but we have not yet announced wedding dates,” she said.

The controversial socialite, Mai Titi, also responded to reports that boyfriend turned husband, is allegedly wanted for murder.

Speaking in a live video, Felistas Murata said: listen listen and listen very good this issue it does not need any addressing.

"I have no regrets" - Mai Titi as another man slips through her fingers

“Whatever that you will say about Obina, or whatever it’s got nothing to do with me, who he stole from who he duped or where he is wanted, me I don’t know as you can see I am at work enjoying my life and trying to make ends meet for my kids.”

In other news, Zodwa Mkandla demanding that a Bentley Continental GT hidden in South Africa be surrendered.

The car is believed to be under the custody of Ginimbi’s long-time friend, Nomatter Zinyengere in South Africa and Zodwa wants it registered with the Master of High Court as required in terms of the Administration of Estates Act and surrendered to the Executor.

Ginimbi's Bentley Missing...Estate Wrangle Far From Over!

Zodwa bought the car from the UK in 2013, while Ginimbi paid for duty in Zimbabwe…Learn More


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