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I Have Forgiven Tapiwa’s Murderers – Tapiwa Makore’s Father

I Have Forgiven Tapiwa’s Murderers – Tapiwa Makore’s Father

Munyaradzi Makore at his son Tapiwa Makore’s funeral on Saturday said he has forgiven the people that killed his son.

Speaking at the burial that was conducted on Saturday Tapiwa’s father said his death was the most painful thing he had to go through:

Seven months now, and I have come to terms with the death of my beloved son. Forgive those who committed the crime but we need closure to his death and justice has to be served.

First, I want to thank God for giving me a son called Tapiwa for seven years. We had fun together with the late, he was a disciplined child.

His death was the most painful thing ever to happen in my life, but I want to thank God again because Tapiwa’s death has given me lessons that we are passing through this place.

We do not belong to this place. We are all children of God. I thought I was Tapiwa’s father, but I have learnt a lesson that Tapiwa is God’s child.

Why Tapiwa's family rejected 'state assisted funeral'!

The Makore family also explained they rejected the DNA results of the skull that was recovered before and said it did not match their sons’ dental structure.

Tapiwa was murdered by his namesake Tapiwa Makore Senior and his headman Tafadzwa Shambwa while his other uncle Thanks Makore is believed to have been the mastermind behind the crime even though there is no hard evidence linking him to the crime.

Source | New Zimbabwe

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