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“I have been in love once in my life my whole life”: Olinda Chapel


Olinda Chapel recently opened up about her love life and revealed shocking details.

The UK based socialite claimed that he has has been in love only once in her life. She did not tell who had smitten her and at what point in her life.

Olinda has had a series of breakups and failed marriages. Last year she called it quits with her husband Tytan. In talking about her love life Olinda wrote,

” Is this normal. I am only realising now at this age. That I have been in love once in my life my whole life”.

This prompted fans to ask who the lucky guy had been. Others claimed that it was definitely Stunner who had made the socialite head over heels in love considering that she cried her eyes out when they broke up.

Some, however, speculated that it could have been Tytan. They said their fairytale romance had even resulted in a baby showing the deep level of commitment between the two.

Olinda has had other relationships besides these two and clearly no one knows the person that really stole her heart.

Olinda has been on a drive to improve her weight and it has been yielding positive results. Speculation has been high that she is preparing herself for the dating life. The abrupt end of her marriage to Tytan shocked many people.

While she did not name her Romeo, social media has been abuzz with comments on who the potential suspect might be and most votes were leaning in favour of Stunner.

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