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I dont want Stunner back – says Olinda

Olinda has hit back at Stunner saying she does not ever want him back. She described the rapper as a bully and a male prostitute.

But she said she said she will always respond to Stunner to stop the spreading of lies and rumours about her. Olinda said Stunner was a master of bad decisions who is trying to make being broke look cool. She mocked him for buying a $13 booze with his friends.

“He is a bitter loser that has nothing to his name. At the age of 41 he has nothing, rombe chairo chairo ndozviri paari. The sad thing is anotuka mari yaimuchengeta.”

Stunner later responded with a live video of his own taking his wife, Dyonne and his daughter out for a meal. He said people should not believe whatever was being said about him.

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