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I Don’t Know How God Saved Me Inside Bomb Blast

Gvt Scholarship Students In Algeria Face Dire Poverty

I Don’t Know How God Saved Me Inside Bomb Blast

Minister of State in the President’s Office Responsible for National Scholarships Cde Christopher Mushohwe, who was among the Zanu-PF top brass that survived a bomb blast at White City Stadium that claimed two and injured 47 others, has relived the “terrifying” day-time attack that has left him petrified for life.

Gvt Scholarship Students In Algeria Face Dire Poverty

Cde Mushohwe said that the suspects involved must be brought to justice since President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the prime target.

He was still by the podium when the explosion took place. “About the horrific bomb attack, it was terrifying — totally unexpected,” said Cde Mushohwe.

“I was at the top table where President Mnangagwa, the two Vice Presidents, the national chairman and the national political commissar were seated. I was just one person away from Vice President (Kembo) Mohadi in our seating arrangement.

“I do not know how God saved me because as people were going down the podium that is when the explosion took place. There was pandemonium, with people running in all directions, and some rushed back to where I was and fell down, including myself. People stampeded on each other trying to run away. No one expected that there was going to be that kind of terrifying attack.

“The day after the explosion I was feeling some back and chest pains and had a scan and an X-ray which ruled out any major problem. I did not sustain any injuries. I was not the only one who was affected, as you know many people were injured, sadly 49 and we have lost two now, and some are still in hospital. Honestly we would like to thank God because it could have been a major disaster far greater than it was, especially the fact that God really saved the President. And we know the target was the President, and God just saved him,” said Cde Mushohwe.

He added: “Such an incident does not just happen. It’s an act of terrorism meant to cause terror and instil terror in the mind of the people as we move towards elections. The President was the target, and you know he has many enemies that have made several attempts on his life, but God is on his side. I would like to wish a speedy recovery to those who are still hospitalised and convey condolences to those whose relatives have passed away.”

Cde Mushohwe said President Mnangagwa has survived many attempts on his life through the grace of God.

“His life is in God’s hands. People should understand that President Mnangagwa’s angel is always with him. How many times have attempts been made on his life? You look at attempts that were made at his office at Zanu PF headquarters; more than five times his offices were broken into. Cyanide was put in his office, but always God saved him.

“His Government offices as the then Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, where there are always policemen, were broken into more than four times, and again God saved him. He was humiliated and expelled from the party, and had to escape out of the country knowing that his enemies were after him, and he survived all those, so God is with him.

“God wants him to lead the country into becoming what Zimbabwe should actually be. He has charmed the international community in a manner that Africa has never seen. We are so grateful that we have the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

“His enemies and enemies of Zanu-PF are wasting their time because Zanu-PF will romp to victory come July 30,”he said, adding that Zanu-PF was focused on ensuring that the elections are peaceful, credible and internationally acclaimed.

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