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‘I DON’T Dance For Peanuts Like Zoey’! – Bev SHADES ‘Cheap’ Rival Over 50 Magate Challenge

‘I DON’T Dance For Peanuts Like Zoey’! – Bev SHADES ‘Cheap’ Rival Over 50 Magate Challenge

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda ‘Bev’ has sensationally dissed her rival Zoey Sifelani, for being cheap and dancing for peanuts.



The arch rivals were scheduled to square off for the 50-Magate title, in South Africa.

Bev however pulled a no-show, after failing to agree with the promoters over fees. She decided to go on holiday for four days instead.

Bev also went on to say that she, unlike her rival, was not cheap.

The rivalry between the two was fuelled after Bev was declared the ultimate winner of the competition #50 MagateChallenge by popular sentiment.

Zoey Sifelani who was promising to set the record straight was disappointed after her rival did not show up.

” We were offered 500 rands for performance but I refused. Zoey was comfortable with the paltry payment but as for me. I am not that cheap. I cannot dance for peanuts like Zoey,” se_xy angels leader said.

Contacted for comment, Zoey fumed at Bev’s claims.

”There is no way I can come all the way from Zimbabwe to perform for 500 rands. Imagine. I usually carry R10 000 rands for shopping and someone is claiming that I accepted 500 rands for a show. That is impossible,” she said.

The release of Local musician Enzo Ishall’s – 50 Magate– video took social media by storm, with women trying to outdo each other in a twerking challenge called #50Magate Challenge.

Popular figures like Madam Boss and video vixen/musician Kikky Baddass also made videos dancing to the song which have gone viral.



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