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“I Come To You In Unprecedented Circumstances Of National Crisis” – Chamisa


The MDC leader over the weekend took time to address the ills engulfing Zimbabwe and said the situation in Zimbabwe was deteriorating every single day and there was an undeniable crisis in Zimbabwe, New Zimbabwe reports.

Commenting on the situation prevailing in the country right now, Chamisa said:

I come to you in unprecedented circumstances of national crisis, things are worsening every day, the situation is deteriorating, the situation is decaying and decomposing. Over the past few weeks and days, our country has attracted the attention and critical eye of the world.

Zimbabwe has now been placed under international radar after our country witnessed uncalled for, circumstances that meant citizen abuse, citizen harassment and citizen violations.

There is a global condemnation of arbitrary arrest, detentions and abductions, torture and victimisation of the opposition, our lawyers, medical professionals, teachers and journalists, our bishops, the civil society leaders at large. Zimbabwe has been turned into a banana republic

But, it is about freedom of our country and the better livelihoods for all Zimbabweans, ending corruption, returning to full constitutionalism and full democracy with the rule of law.

It has become so apparent that if we are all going to wait for the other to do it, it will never get done, it will never be done, it is about us, for us with us, none but ourselves.

I acknowledge the goodwill and solidarity exhibited by progressive fellow Africans in the region and on the continent but of course globally by everyone who is concerned, who has shown their support to the people of Zimbabwe indeed lives matter.

Chamisa was speaking after his party’s Vice Chairman Job Sikhala was arrested on Friday for inciting public violence and one of his councillors in Hurungwe ward 4 was reportedly murdered by state agents on Friday morning.


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