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‘I caught her 20 times with different men but I still love her’

‘I caught her 20 times with different men but I still love her’

After catching his wife cheating with different men on more than 20 different occasions, Tinashe Maushe has declared his undying love for her.

On Thursday last week, the couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi, at the Mutare Civil Court.

Maushe told the court that he is still in love with Tinashe Makore and wants her back. Makore was seeking a protection order as she claimed that Maushe has been harassing her. Maushe has also indicated that he intends to repossess the car he bought for her, a Toyota Vitz.

During the court session, Makore told Maushe to move on with his life as she no longer has any feelings for him.

She said she has had enough of Maushe as he is pestering her to win her heart again. “I do not love you anymore, is that too hard to understand? I am done with you, please just leave me alone and stop contacting me or my sisters. You are harassing us. I no longer want anything to do with you,” she thundered during the court session.

“Your Worship, he bought me a car when we were still together. I thought it was mine but if he wants it back I have no problem with that. He should come and collect his car. After that, we will be done for good because I am done with him.

“He does not understand that I do not love him anymore. I have since moved on but he keeps coming back,” she said.

But Maushe told the court that he is customarily married to Makore and that she is yet to give him a divorce token, an indication that she is also still interested in their marriage.

The Mutare electrical engineer told the court that Makore has eloped with other men on different occasions. He, however, was quick to point that she always comes back to their matrimonial home.

“Mukadzi uyu anotombotizira vamwe varume ozodzoka paadira. Akatombotizira mumwe murume kuMazowe akazodzoka vatombogara vese mwedzi yakawanda. (This woman is in the habit of eloping with other men. She comes back home when she feels like it. At one time she eloped with a Mazowe man and stayed there for months, before coming back home.)

“Each time she comes back home, I welcome her with open hands because we have been through a lot together. I love her so much. Your Worship, you might not understand my undying love for this woman. I love her so much despite her countless affairs. I even bought her a car despite her promiscuous behaviour,” said Maushe as he explained how he always manages to forgive his wife.

Makore did not dispute Maushe’s claims that he caught her cheating on more than 20 occasions.

She also confirmed moving in with other men and then coming back to Maushe.

“Of course I had boyfriends and I moved in with one of them. We had parted ways with Maushe when I moved in with my lover. When l separated with that man, I reconciled with Maushe. However, there was a strain in the relationship as my love for him had long died. It is a loveless marriage and I cannot keep on faking it,” she explained.

Makore told the court that Maushe is violent, adding that he assaults her for no reason. When Maushe disputed her claims, she threatened to show the court some fresh wounds on her body.

Maushe was ordered to stop harassing, insulting, assaulting and breaching Makore’s peace. Ms Muchineripi also advised him to move on.

Source | B Metro