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“I Can’t Refund 2016 Victims Because Of COVID” – Magaya

The convicted preacher, Walter Magaya has refused to pay his victims their money saying it is because of the COVID pandemic.

Responding to demands raised by Zimbabweans in South Africa, Magaya asked for more time to settle refunds for money he duped people under the guise of investments into his Yadah business since 2016.

Over the years, many of his victims have struggled to get their returns with some only getting them through the ZimEye news network.

This time, Magaya has also pulled out news reports of the revenue authority Zimra garnishing some of his bank accounts in 2019.

Responding to the victims who travelled to his Capetown church premises, the preacher said:

“… they are requesting withdrawal. But as it stands everywhere in the whole world, they know kuti churches are not operating, even my eye(sic) are not operating because of the pandemic. So when it’s over give me a Grace period to expand, I will surely attend to everyone who wants to withdraw.”

ZimEye’s comment is: The arrears are his expense. Is he trying to imply that when accounts are garnished you are left with nothing? Is he trying to imply he is now penniless, and assetless? Why should his victims near the burden of his own tax expense? Incurring a tax expense means you earned money which you took to yourself.

He must simply pull out the money from wherever he hid it and pay both Zimra and the victims. No side shows. Magaya must also be reported to authorities such as the consumer council of Zimbabwe, South Africa, and United Kingdom. The police should also take up the cases as they exhibit the signs of systematic fraud.

Source | Zimeye

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