Thomas Mapfumo says he is returning to the USA  as he is not yet in a position to stay in Zimbabwe for good.


“I cannot completely relocate at the moment because I have running projects in the United States, I need to see them through but I’m as good as back home. Hapana anoda kugara kana kufira kunyika kusiri kwake (No one wants to stay or die in foreign land). he told The Sunday Mail.

“This is home and I have a strong desire to be in my country, visiting any other nation. There is no other place that I can call home other than Zimbabwe, kunze uko tiri vashanyi (we are just visitors abroad). It was never my wish to stay that long abroad but circumstances then (political) forced me. I came here days before the show and that should tell you a lot. I need to catch-up.”

“I have at least 10 solid days here (Zimbabwe) but the time will not be enough for me to deal with a number of issues. Nguva yareba tisipo (I haven’t been around for too long). I would have loved to do some collaborations before I return to America but I’m also working on a new project that is consuming much of my time.

“I have been following developments in the country and it is my hope that we continue moving in a positive direction. The previous situation was bad. Every Zimbabwean wants the country to develop and tinofanirwa kubatana kuti zviitike (we must unite to achieve that) and also fight corruption.”

Mukanya will be in the country until April 30.



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