A man who claimed via WhasApp that he bought anointed bread from Lobels Bread has been dragged to court by the firm.

Lobels is furious and charged that Dumisani Masimba Gabarinocheka (37) from  Bulawayo had tarnished its image. Dumisani appeared before a magistrate faces charges of sending offensive telephone messages. He pleaded not guilty.

The message sent by Dumisani read: “Lobels has joined churches by selling anointed bread. I bought Lobels bread and found pieces of metals and rat skin. What I do not understand is how the rat skin got to be in the bread.

This means the rat; the intestines were crushed and mixed with the flour. All those rat fluids, mixed and sold to us, it’s now anointed bread. We say welcome to the anointed bread from Lobels. Please when you buy the Lobels bread be careful for your health.

You can die for your dollar. Forward this to other people and groups and save lives. Beware and check carefully if your bread is not anointed bread.”

 The magistrate remanded him out of custody to Friday.



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