‘I Am Still In Love With Her’ Husband Stuns Court


‘I Am Still In Love With Her’ Husband Stuns Court

A disgruntled Bulawayo man has lamented over how he has lost face following revelations of his wife’s adulterous affair.


Sakhile Moyo has been sensationally accused by her husband Onias Nkomo of making their matrimonial home a s_ex stadium after a discovery was made that she beds her lover at their home when he is away.

Nkomo who resides in Cowdry Park bared his soul before the court saying that his wife had lost respect for him.

” I am applying for a protection order against Sakhile Moyo who is my wife. She doesn’t respect me and she insults me in front of the people. She even uses vulgar words when insulting me. If neighbours try to restrain her, she insults them as well. She is also bringing her boyfriend and sleeps with him in our matrimonial home. I want the court to stop her from doing that,” pleaded Nkomo.

Nkomo also claimed that Moyo was no longer cooking for him. To the court’s surprise, Moyo dressed down her husband stating that she was no longer in love with him.

An unrepented Moyo left the court speechless after she defended her actions of bringing her boyfriend into their matrimonial home saying that the temptation was rather too good to ignore since her husband had been transferred to Plumtree.

” I have no problem with his application of a restraining order since I no longer love him. It was because he (husband) has been transferred to Plumtree and I needed someone closer to take care of me,” responded Moyo.

Nkomo also stunned the court when he was adamant that he was willing to forgive his wife and was still in love with her although she had openly declared that she was no longer interested in him.

In his judgement, the seemingly shocked magistrate, however, ordered Moyo not to verbally abuse her husband.



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