“I Am Reading All Your Messages On My Whatsapp”


“I Am Reading All Your Messages On My Whatsapp”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has thanked Zimbabweans for utilising his newly opened whatsapp number to engage with him revealing that while he will not be able to respond to all the messages, he will use the platform to listen to the people’s views and comments.


Said Mnangagwa:

“As a listening president, I am fortunate to have so many possible channels of communication with the people of Zimbabwe.

Since opening my WhatsApp, I have received tens of thousands of messages. I am reading as many of your messages as I can, and while I cannot answer all of them, I will continue to use WhatsApp as a medium to listen to your views and comments.

Thank you for your engagement, and thank for your opinions. Together we are building a new Zimbabwe of dialogue and listening.”

Below are some of the responses by citizens to the message by Mnangagwa.

David Chidende: We don’t want you to only read our messages but also give feedback on the issues that would have been raised. Remember communication is a cyclic process that involves encoding and decoding the message as well as giving feedback. Never mind the noise, though kikik

Gakanje Kevin: we dont need your whatsapp number sir! we want jobs, cash in banks, ambulances, better health care, modern roads, safe water, dams. You are failing to hire a single temporary teacher.

Zvidz Mat: Mr president with due respect when you came to power I was told that the military was targeting criminals around His excellence RG Mugabe. But until now no criminal has been arrested. Does it mean that no truth ever come from ZANU PF. Yet to change my mind and vote for you but as it is I can’t coz I haven’t seen any criminal who Was arrested and charged.

Mukachani Hanyani: I salute you your Excellency for coming up with that WhatsApp chat group. At least we are able to interac t with you. It’s marvelous. U really have my vote and those of my family members.

Walter Dinha: Engagement and dialogue is what you do so well.l strongly advice you find time to respond to at least 5 messages especially on yr FB.l am yet to see a single response from you#EDhasmyvote

Simbah Matimba: Aaah aah mdhara don’t call yoself ‘A listening president’ because opening channels (Facebook pages, Instagram acc, whatsapp acc) to communicate wth pple musinganzwe ma grievances edu hazvibatsire…you’re busy opening banks bt munyika hamuna mari….chii ichocho nhay…haa ED tiitireiwo maserious…kukuvhoterai tinoda kut mukuwanza mafunnies chenjerai kt some of yo votes achaenda kuna Chamisa mukaramba muchitiita mabharanz lyk ths.

Christopher Chidarikire: Its your choice if you want to continue using salt to heal wounds while 2 out of 56 are flown to SA. Vote ED. If you are ok with pple having yes u read right 100kg of Gold and $US 4 million cash while there is cash crisis vote ED. If you are happy for ED and his cabal to build mansions without any evidence of how they became so filthy rich Vote ED. If if you are happy to continue in 2018 having one TV station playing zanu jingles Vote ED. If u think opening a bin is development, vote ED.

Kumbirai Sibanda: We thank God for Zimbabwe, I am following comments each and everyday on your platform.Sir people will come with negative comments and positive comments.Embrace constructive criticism. But God will be able to lead and guide you .I pray he will give the ability and wisdom to lead this great nation of Zimbabwe. God bless you and God bless Zimbabwe.

Leslie Godie Chidziya: We need proof if that’s actually you or one of your secretaries .Not responding to at least one its proof enough for me that you ddnt bother reading our opinion. Eish why bother he ain’t gonna read this comment .at least we need a live video so we can talk…

Farai Chags: Thank you giving your fellow citizens a platform to directly communicate with you sir. Irrespective of political differences you have allowed your brothers and sisters an avenue to air their views freely without fear of brutal consequences.

Joel Makamani: Thank you Mr President for the platform. I really appreciate your efforts in rebuilding us into a force to be reckon with.

Francis Gogwe: ED thank you. You have done a lot since you came in. Unfortunately there is this protest vote by those calling themselves MDC. Vachavukura nyika ichingonaka ichingotapira because victory is certain. Vajaira kurohwa during elections, so kusarohwa during these elections kwavari it’s abnormal, but, yes this is real ED and us are not violent.


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