Home LOCAL NEWS “I am a proud witch, no pastor can deliver me”: Angela Nwosu

“I am a proud witch, no pastor can deliver me”: Angela Nwosu

A self-proclaimed ‘beautiful’ witch boldly flaunts her witch powers, including s_xual over men, and making money recruiting others into the kingdom of darkness.

Angel Nwosu shares her stories on Facebook:

I am a proud witch! I dare to take up space and live my life outside my socially prescribed roles, so am referred to as a witch and an agent of darkness, which I wear with so much pride.

I hold se..x..ual power over men. I break barriers. I do a lot of things only a successful witch is capable of. I am an ex Christian, even the strongest of pastors cannot deliver me, where will they even get the power of deliverance when they are so busy scamming people with fake prophecies and deceit and busy buying private jets and dragging the role of the richest pastor in Africa.

Being a witch is not a bad thing unless you are living in some tribal societies or a bad witch. It would be even admirable if you had witchcraft skills.

My own witchcraft is deep, I am from the river and a servant of Amadioha, I keep my head up and bear the numerous names that come with being a witch, eg, Agent of the devil, lucifer, antichrist, demonic, etc, which turns me on with reckless abandon „,

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