Hunt For Notorious Gangster ‘Killer’ Takes Surprising Twist As Suspect Surrenders Self

The hunt for a notorious gangster killer took a surprising twist when the suspect voluntarily surrendered himself to the police.


Mbonisi Tatenda Moyo (33) allegedly killed gangster Dumisani Nyathi (22) by stabbing him and fled the scene with his accomplice Menzi Ncube. The magistrate asked how he was arrested and Moyo said he turned himself over to the police.

“I was in Botswana and when I returned, I went to the police where I was told that my friend had died. I was told that I was the cause of his death,” he said.

According to the state the three were having a drink at a bar whilst planning their criminal activities.

“At around 2AM, the trio left their drinking spot together with a mission of locating some victims to rob. On their way and between Barbourfields and Entumbane suburbs, the now deceased had a misunderstanding with the accused and Menzi Ncube,” he said.

“This resulted in the duo stabbing the now deceased to death. After noticing that the now deceased was dead, the two dumped his body in a thicket nearby.

“The following day, the accused person fled to Botswana and the body of the deceased was discovered on April 13 by Lancelot Chidende under the thicket. It had two stab wounds, one on the right shoulder and another on the right arm.”

The two accomplices allegedly called Nyathi’s brother on the day they stabbed him and lied that he had been hurt.

They allegedly switched off their phones after the call and fled to Botswana.


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