Hungry villagers arrested for looting from a delivery truck.

According to NewZimbabwe, the villagers raided the truck around midnight last Wednesday. The villagers managed to overwhelm the two police details who had been assigned to attend the crime scene.

Delivery TruckWell over 50 people from Hwange’s Lukosi area have found themselves in trouble with the law after they were arrested for looting from an accident scene after a delivery crash was involved in an accident.

After being overwhelmed the police called for reinforcements who later conducted door-to-door searches and recovered more than a thousand 10kg bags of maize meal, close to 300x 5kgs bags of maize meal, close to 100x 5kgs packets of rice, more than 50 packets of salts each totalling 10kgs, biscuits and snacks.

Part of the police report reads.

A road accident occurred on May 8 at around 2 am, when the driver of a truck loaded with bags of maize-meal, rice, snacks, salt and biscuits lost control upon reaching the 320km peg and veered off the road. The truck then fell (sic) and landed on its side.

A report was made to the police and two traffic officers were deployed to attend. When they arrived, some villagers were already at the scene carrying some groceries to their homes.

They failed to stop the hungry villagers as the crowd grew bigger resulting in the whole load being looted.


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