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Hubby To Covid-19 Positive Nurses Bares Soul

Parirenyatwa nurses wearing bedsheets as PPEs
‘Zimbabwe Govt Not Serious About Fighting COVID-19’

A concerned citizen, using the Twitter handle, @sbusisoStephen, says the Zimbabwean government is not serious at all in dealing with COVID-19, the illness caused by SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus.

Khumalo narrates an incident that resulted in his wife, who works at a private surgery, contracting the virus and possibly passing it on to dozens of people who visited the surgery and also on the bus as she uses public transport from home to work and vice versa.

He wrote:

My wife works at a private surgery in Zimbabwe.

On the 28 of June, a sick person has admitted at their surgery the patient spent 1 night in surgery. The day shift workers who were direct contact with the patient are 4 including my wife.

On that day my wife used public transport to go home because of fuel shortages and other workers also used public transport (overloaded ZUPCO busses)

On 29 June that is the following day the patient became very sick and they suspect COVID-19.

The taskforce team came and took the patient. The surgery continued it’s business, as usual, treating other patients. All workers who were in direct contact with the patient continued their duties (they came to work with ZUPCO went home with ZUPCO).

On 30 June the report came that the patient who was taken by the COVID-19 taskforce has passed away (MHSRP) and he was COVID-19 positive. The taskforce ordered the surgery to be closed and disinfected.

The workers were not told of what’s happening and the following day they work up went to work using ZUPCO, only to find closed surgery and the task force waiting for them to give the names of people visited the surgery, after the infected person.

The taskforce asked all workers to go for self-quarantine and be tested after 7 days. The taskforce did not provide transport therefore the workers use ZUPCO busses.

My wife was self-quarantining for 7days. On day 7, the task force came and tested her. On day 9 the results came and she tested positive for COVID 19.

The reality is that the government is not serious about fighting COVID-19.

Source | Sbusiso Khumalo on Twitter

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