How Somizi Blocked Mohale From Working With Fergusons

How Somizi Blocked Mohale From Working With Fergusons

Media personality and actor Ex-husband Mohale was barred from working with Connie and Shona Ferguson by Somizi Mhlongo.

This was revealed by Mohale Motaung in his highly anticipated Showmax special Mohale: On The Record. On August 4, the streaming service released the program.

Some of their marital squabbles, according to Mohale, stemmed from Somizi’s desire for him to be a househusband. Somizi forced Mohale to resign his 9-to-5 work at the start of their relationship since his supervisor had refused him leave to travel to Paris, France, where they became engaged.

After the wedding, many opportunities to be an influencer came along for Mohale. Still, Somizi disagreed with this, and the 28-years-old said it was because Mohale did not want to be involved with an “industry person”.

Mohale revealed that after he had gone to Durban for one job, Somizi bashed him so much that he had to crawl outside as he could not walk.

On Mohale: On The Record, the model described an instance in which Somizi blocked Mohale from working with Connie and Shona Ferguson.

He told me that he went and told TT Mbha to speak to the Fergusons [Connie and the late Shona] at that time (because he was close to them) and not to hire me. When I decided to confront TT Mbha about this, he then had to come clean and tell me who exactly told him to do that.

So Somizi was angry at the fact that TT was not loyal enough to come up with a story to tell me so that I don’t find out that he’s the one who told TT to go to the Fergusons.

Somizi and TT Mbha were best friends, but their friendship died after the incident.


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