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How Rich Is Kuda Tagwireyi “Queen Bee”

How Rich Is Kuda Tagwireyi “Queen Bee”

Kudakwashwe Regimond Tagwireyi is a founding director of Sakunda Holdings. Before founding Sakunda he worked for Zimpost as an IT consultant. In 1996 he joined CBZ, as a Senior Manager responsible for Systems Development.

In 2000 he became the Regional Product Manager at Interlink Private Limited a telecoms support company where he was responsible for product support.

Kuda currently sits on the National Procurement Board of the oil industry and he is the chairman of the finance subcommittee.

Kuda founded Sakunda holdings in 2005. Sakunda is a diversified company with investments in the energy, agriculture, infrastructure development, and mining sector.

Tagwireyi owns 51% of Sakunda supplies which focuses on the importation and distribution of petroleum products. Customers include large fuel networks in Zimbabwe among others. The other 49% of Sakunda supplies are owned by Trafigura, a Singapore commodities firm.

Tagwireyi also owns 51% of Sakunda petroleum which distributes fuel to regular and commercial customers via PUMA branded service stations around Zimbabwe. The other 41% is owned by PUMA Energy.

Tagwireyi has 100% ownership of Sakunda logistics, which specializes in the transportation of fuel and dry goods locally and regionally via road and rail.

He also has 100% ownership of Sakunda projects, the company has invested 200 Megawatt Dema diesel power plant. The company has also supplied inputs for 200 000 hectors of maize, wheat, and soya beans production through command agriculture.

Tagwireyi now owns 30% shares of CBZ holdings Kuda bought Landela Mining ventures, a mining company that specialing in the mining of African chrome and platinum mining.

Tagwireyi has an estimated net worth of 1.8 billion.

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