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How Prisoners Fake Illness!

How Prisoners Fake Illness!

Inmates have come up with ways to raise their body temperature to avoid working in farms during their incarceration, a convicted inmate has disclosed.

The 75-year-old inmate Forbes Paundi of Mt Darwin said this yesterday during a Covid-19 awareness campaign con-ducted by Zimbabwe Prisons and Cor-rectional Services Health Department at Chikurubi Prison Farm.

During the question and answer session, Paundi sought to know how inmates who fake their temperature would be handled when they go through temperature checks for Covid-19. “For the past two years in prison I dis-covered that some of the inmates who resent working in farms feign illness and injuries,” said Paundi.

“I am advanced in years so prison officers spare me from going to work at farms and one of the inmates told me the tricks they apply which include faking high temperature.

“He said they take a lot of pepper, vanoisa mhiripiri muhapwa kana kuidya yakawanda vodikitira izvozvo zvinokwidza temperature vorega kuendeswa kubasa.

“Vamwe vanozora onion pahuma dzavo izvozvo zvinokwidza zvakare temperature saka pa Covid-19 vanhu vakadaro vanobatsirwasei?” asked Paundi who was convicted of rape in 2°18 and sentenced to six years.

Another inmate Costa Takavada (26) based at the prison clinic said some inmates injure themselves with hoes at the fields in order to be escape working at the farms.

“I was convicted of rape at the age of 19 and I have been sharing with my fellow inmates what they can do to be excused from going to work in maize fields,” said Takavada.

“Vanozvitema nemapadza pakus-akura saka havazoenda kubasa nekuda kwekurapisa ronda. Hanzi unochem-berera mujeri uchishandira chibage chisingadyiwe nevana vako.

“I regret committing crime and have learnt that crime does not pay. “Committing crime has affected my life and I regret meeting habitual criminals and wish if I can gain freedom,” said Takavada who was sentenced to 16 years behind bars.

Chikurubi Prison Farm officer in charge Superintendent Brighton Matombo said from time-to-time the institution educated inmates about Covid-19 precautionary measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.

As of yesterday, the prison with a holding capacity of 560 had 400 inmates.

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