CAPS United gaffer Lloyd Chitembwe believes coaches must be father figures to players to keep them in check.


The CAPS United boss now has a growing reputation of being the coach that can deal with hotheads and try to bring the best out of them.

He has been working on Dynamos reject Denver Mukamba and in the past he has also dealt with players considered to be very stubborn.

“I cannot say I have a secret that I use as a weapon to deal with the players who are considered the worst. I think I should actually applaud them for accepting my advice and do as I order them to,” Chitembwe said.

On Sunday, Mukamba turned on the style, scoring the goal that won the derby against the team that failed to deal with his naughty side.

Other players accepted at CAPS United, like Joel Ngodzo, were also rejected by their clubs before they were fully rehabilitated.

“Sometimes as a coach you have to play the role of a father in your player’s life and the result is just perfect. Denver is not the only doing well on the pitch, a lot about him has changed.

“He reports for training on time, actually he comes early and starts training himself before everyone else,” he said.

Chitembwe knows he has to look at the bigger picture, not just to concentrate on individual players.

And that makes his work tough.

On Saturday they face Nichrut in a game they must win and hope that other results elsewhere are favourable to them.

“Yes we have been doing very well of late, but that is no guarantee for us not to have pressure for the next game.

“Whether you are preparing for a friendly game or any kind of match, you will have pressure. Football is a game of pressure. Nichrut are not a small team, they are quite competitive.

“They have a good coach and the team is made up of good players. We are doing our best to make sure we maintain our good position,” said Chitembwe.



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