House becomes haunted man murders wife over infidelity.

The B-Metro reports that there has been a mystery surrounding the household property that has been lying in the open for more than a month. In a tragic twist, a house owner has allegedly been forced to throw away his imprisoned tenants property, after the occurrence of paranormal activities suspected to have been caused by a murder incident.

Man Beheads Wife After Catching Her 'IN BED' With Nephew In The BushThe furniture which comprises of sofas, kitchen utensils and blankets, was reportedly thrown out by the house owner in Mbizo 18 after his tenant was thrown behind bars for murdering his wife in cold blood when he caught her red-handed pants down.

According to a source which spoke to the publication, the property has been suspected of being the cause of mysterious activities at the house.

” He would tell us that the property was causing him sleepless nights although he could not explain what exactly what was happening. That is the reason why the relatives refused ownership as they did not want anything to do with it. It is largely perceived that the wife’s family did something to the property as a way of avenging for killing her daughter,” said a source who only spoke on condition of anonymity.

Efforts by the publication to get a comment from the house owner were futile as he refused to entertain the media. Ward 7 Councillor Joshua Tinago confirmed the incident.

” What I understand is that the property was thrown out by the house owner after he approached the two families to collect the property of their loved ones. The husband who was renting at the house was jailed last year after he murdered his wife for infidelity. So the landlord made the frantic efforts to engage the families but they were not forthcoming and he ended up throwing the property outside,” said Cllr Tinago.


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